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Jednatel a majitel platformy Huntastic
Ing. Ladislav Štěpánek, The executive of online hunting platform Huntastic with booking system


My name is Ladislav Štěpánek and I have (together with my wife) the first Czech hunting platform Huntastic. The platform offers cyber space for hunting trips offers from Czech outfitters ae well as from abroad. We offer a simplified searching for dream hunts for all hunters according to their individual imagination. The hunts can be reserved through our booking system. The platform has been conceived so that hunts can be reserved also as presents for your beloved partners.

The platform is established in two main categories. Hunting areas and hunting trips. Designed profiles of hunting areas and their description are interconnected and matched with offers of particular hunts from certain outfitters. All hunting areas and offers are designed as one and conceived for better and faster orientation. However, a very important added value of the platform consists in various parameters and filters of particular offers. Therefore it enables to a hunter an easy and fast searching for a entered hunt.


We wish you nice time spent in our hunting platform and unforgettable moments of accomplishes hunts.


Good luck, Hunters!



With Thanks

Ing. Ladislav Štěpánek,

The Executive Director

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