Fallow deer

Fallow deer (Dama dama)

Description and characteristic of fallow deer

The fallow deer (Dama dama) belongs to the deer family (Cervidae). Together with the European elk, they are the only representatives of the deer family with shovel-shaped antlers. Although the fallow deer is distributed almost throughout Europe, the moose is found exclusively in the northern and northeastern parts of Europe. Of course, it also inhabits the North American continent.

The dachshund originates from the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor (Turkey). Over time, it was planted in individual European countries. Today it is part of all European countries and is commonly spread in nature or in fields. It is not only found in the northernmost corners of Europe, the Scandinavian countries.

The fallow deer is smaller than the red deer, but it is much larger than the roe deer. It can be compared to a deer in size. Its weight range is from 40 to 100 kg for males and 25 to 50 kg for fallow deer. The height at the withers is given from 80 to 110 cm for males and 75 to 90 cm for fallow deer. The total length of a fallow deer is from 135 to 170 cm and a fallow deer is from 110 to 140 cm. The tail (tail) is 17 – 25 cm long.

The coloration of fallow deer in summer dress is brick red to brown with white spots all over the body. The back is along its entire length with a black stripe up to the scapula. The bowl is black with a white border around it. The kelka is distinctive and serves as a means of communication between fallow deer.

In the winter months, this coat almost changes to a grayish-brown, dull color, when almost all fallow deer lose their white spots. Danek has several color variants (black and white).

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Antlers of a fallow deer

The biggest morphological feature between the female and the male is the antlers, which are only worn by the fallow deer. The antlers are shed every year in April to May, and new antlers grow immediately. The antlers gradually grow until August, when it is still covered with nourishing burrs. In the month of August, the antlers are beaten and stripped of this delicate skin. As it knocks against different types of trees, its antlers turn different shades of dark.

Antlers grow proportionally with age, thanks to which the age of a doe can be safely estimated. The first antler of a fallow deer grows in the second year of life and is referred to as a canine. Bland antlers. Only in the third year of life does it put on its second antlers (six-toothed, eight-toothed, wooden spoon – a hint of flattening). In the following years, there are already distinct shovels, shovels with pronounced lacing on the edges and a strong eyelet and support. A fallow deer wears the strongest trophies on its head around the age of 6 to 10 years. This is followed by a loss of antlers and the trophy loses its hunting value.

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Where is the fallow deer found

The spotted fallow deer inhabits lowlands and hilly areas. He likes to look for deciduous beech, oak or mixed mature forest complexes. Recently, it has adapted to field conditions and uses large agricultural areas for shelter during vegetation. This phenomenon has spread together with the increased production of corn and oilseed rape, where the fallow deer spends the entire summer.


Behavior of fallow deer

European fallow deer lives in herds that are separated. Old deer are loners. Females live together with their young, and young males live together together. Out of heat of course. During the estrus, everything is different, because the fallow deer come to the fallow deer. After estrus, they separate again into groups according to gender.

Dane estrus takes place from mid-October to mid-November, but everything depends on the conditions and weather in a given year. In general, it can be said that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks. The Danes call out with a strong hoarse voice, a hunter’s slur. Rochání can be heard for more than 500 meters and the fallow deer show who is the boss here.

It is the dancing of the danes that is a very interesting spectacle and a great experience for hunters. Danes push through their juices with the help of their antlers and thus defend their territory and position. Eventually, the fallow deer mates with more fallow deer.

The doe is subsequently pregnant for around 8 months. At the beginning of summer, fallow deer lay one fawn, exceptionally two fawns, in the grass where they are hidden. The doe breastfeeds the young for around 4 months. Dane has protective coloring against predators just like roe deer or fawn. Brownish-rusty coloring with white spots.

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Fallow Deer Hunt


The best time to hunt the fallow deer

The hunting season for fallow deer in the Czech Republic is set from July 1. until 31.1.. It is possible to hunt fallow deer all year round, however, thanks to the growing cycle, even this time is limited, as fallow deer shed their antlers during April and knock out sometime in August.

The ideal hunting is from mid-August to the end of January in freedom. After all, fallow deer hunting will be postponed until the end of February.

The best time to hunt European fallow deer is certainly the rut, when the fallow deer are very active and echo with their hooting. Thanks to this, they can be found by sound and brought to hunting distance. It is also possible to lure fallow deer with decoys, which makes hunting even more interesting. On the other hand, fallow deer meat during estrus is not quite the tastiest, and just like other ungulates, it is affected by hormones during estrus, which reduces its quality for consumption. Meat is “feel”.

From the fallow deer day mode, it is possible to hunt in the morning and in the evening at dusk. In some locations it is possible to hunt fallow deer even during the day. Everything depends on the location and whether the dace has enough peace.


Methods of hunting the fallow buck

European fallow deer can be hunted individually, either by waiting or by drifting. Of course, it is worth mentioning the active luring of the fallow deer during the rut, when the fallow deer goes against the sound.

You can hunt fallow deer or fallow deer on joint hunts.

Abroad, however, hunting methods may change depending on the applicable legislation of a specific country.

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What I need to hunt the fallow deer

To hunt fallow deer, you need a ball gun with calibers such as 6.5 mm, 7 mm, 7.62 mm, 8 mm and 9.3 mm. In other words, according to legislation, the impact energy of the projectile must be at least 1,500 J/100 m, but for better effectiveness of the projectile, 2,000 J/100 m is given.

Optics are needed daily, as it is allowed to hunt fallow deer in the interval one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.

A decoy is a special rocker that imitates the croaking of a fallow deer


Fallow buck trophy

The coveted trophy of a fallow deer is its antlers, which remind hunters of hunting. The trophy is usually left with a bleached skull and placed on a wall plinth. The second option is to stuff the head with the chest at the taxidermist.

Undoubtedly, an interesting interior accessory is tanned leather, which is a very interesting element of every wall in the hunting lounge in summer.

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Make a meal from fallow deer meat

Fallow deer meat is one of the tastiest meats found in game. The meat is dark red in color with a favorable low cholesterol content, low fat content and a high proportion of protein in dry matter. The muscle is soft with a typical sweet aroma. Game from fallow deer also has a high proportion of iron content and beneficial essential amino acids. Basically, there are no negative properties of this game, but the characteristic aroma may bother some people.

The loin and thigh can be used for baking, frying, stewing, either whole or in slices. The shoulder can also be used. For goulash, it is advisable to use trimmings or sides with a slice. Such stew is considered one of the tastiest stews.

Roasted potatoes, various sauces or pickled fruit go well with fallow deer game. Above all, prepared cranberries or preserved currants will raise the food to the next level.

Thanks to the delicate taste, juiciness and tenderness of the meat, as well as the right organoleptic properties, duck meat is suitable for grilling.

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