Wild boar

Wild boar (Sus scrofa)

Description and characteristic of the wild boar

The wild boar (Sus scrofa) belongs to the pig family (Suidae). The wild boar is the only wild pig in Europe and North America. It also inhabits a considerable part of Asia.

In high states, the wild boar is widespread in all possible habitats. The wild pig exists in about 16 subspecies, which are mainly divided according to the area where the pig is found. These subspecies differ in fur, size, skull shape and other characters. These are, for example, wild Siberian, Carpathian, North African, Italian, European, Amur and other pigs. They have one thing in common. All subspecies are omnivores, undemanding to living conditions and very fast reproducing animals.

This article is of course about the wild boar, or as it is also called: the wild boar. About the true black knights who come out of the thickets at dusk and retreat back from the fields into the thickets at dawn.

The wild boar is highly variable in size. Everything depends on the location of occurrence and living conditions. In a nutshell, it can be summarized that it is an even-toed ungulate about one meter high, up to 180 cm long. The weight is really variable. Usually, adult individuals are around 120 to 150 kg, but it is not a problem to meet individuals weighing up to 200 kg. Records attack up to 300 kg.

The wild boar has very thick and hard fur with very thick skin on its back (cuirass). The surface consists of bristles and wasps, which on the one hand protect the pig from the cold and, on the other hand, provide good protection against potential danger.

In winter, it wears thick and beautiful black winter fur. In the summer, it changes color to a summer, indistinct one, without an undercoat. The feather (tail) is usually up to 30 cm long.


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Wild boar trophy

The wild boar has large, curved teeth that grow throughout its life. Age can also be determined based on these weapons. In addition, the wild boar weapons have become a valuable trophy based on the CIC measurement parameters, and thus the size of the wild boar trophy can be expressed mathematically. Hounds (males) generally have larger weapons compared to females, which are also adapted differently. Their protruding teeth are called hooks. These are elongated canines.

The pug has rattles in the upper jaw and lower incisors that are longer than the rattles. At the same time, two thirds are embedded in the jaw. Both are looking out in front of the ridge upwards. The weapons are sharp and capable of tearing apart a hunting dog in one slash.

The size of these steamers is around 20 cm.


Where the wild boar is found

The wild boar is found in almost all habitats. It also likes to live in suburban areas, to which it has adapted so well. Unfortunately, it causes a lot of damage in parks, so it is also undesirable here.

In general, during the winter, pigs retreat to forest complexes or reed beds with good shelter. During the night, they move out of the shelter into the fields or go around the edges of the forests and, if the weather allows them, they roost in the meadows or in the forests.

As soon as the vegetation begins to grow in the spring, the wild boars move to the fields, where they can stay until autumn, when the last remnants of corn or other crops that provide shelter for the wild boars are harvested.


Behavior of wild boar

The wild boar is a very intelligent and sociable creature. Basically, they spend their whole lives in a pack. Of course, full-grown males and adult warblers are loners who roam the countryside alone.

The herd of pigs is led by the most experienced sow (female), who is also referred to as the so-called leading sow. It indicates the direction of the entire troop, where the troop will move and also affects the snarl itself, when it allows weaker bachins to participate in the snarl or not. At the same time, it is the absence of adults and strong sows that leads to the pigs multiplying without any control. This way, even potflies enter the reproduction cycle, which is bad.

The rutting usually takes place in the month of December, when the black game herds are joined by the skunks. These whiners are fighting for the bitch. Strong squeals and fights can be heard from the forest.

In the spring (in March), the wagtail lays 3 to 12 young, which are called marcazins (striped cover coloration).

The pig is basically a nocturnal creature that can rarely be seen in the light. Most of the time, if this happens, it is a matter of scaring them out of hiding, or they can be seen very early in the morning in the summer months, when they return to their shelters.

Wild boar hunt


The best time for hunt the wild boar

According to Czech legislation, wild boar can be hunted all year round. Abroad, this fact may differ.

The fact is that due to the numbers and damage to agricultural crops that pigs do, it is necessary to hunt pigs all year round. Of course, the ethics of hunting speak clearly. Do not catch a pregnant female or mother from small piglets, which are still dependent on their mother. Every normal hunter and hunter respects this.

On the other hand, if a hunter wants to have a wonderful experience of hunting trophy game, he will certainly prefer hunting in the winter. At this time, the pig is in thick winter fur, which belongs to the black knights.

Wild boar can be hunted mostly in the dark at night, so you need to have the right night vision equipment.


Methods of hunting the wild boar

Wild boar can be hunted either individually in the form of hunting or by drifting. The so-called feeders, where they are regularly fed, and black game regularly bypass these feeders, have proven themselves for those who are waiting. Thanks to this, wild boars can be hunted quite often from one place. In addition, pigs like to always walk along the same corridors, so it is not a problem to hunt pigs even in places where they pass in this way.

During the summer months, pigs can be hunted in this way near fields, where they can drag from cultivated crops out into the forest, etc. Sometimes it is possible to hunt even in the light.

After the harvest of cultural crops, wild boars like to go out into the fields from the forests to collect and to feed on the fields. Here, too, hunting is advantageous in the form of waiting, because most hunting facilities are built in places where wild boars like to pull out.

In today's time of development of night and thermal sights, night scrolling is becoming more and more popular. This means searching fields in total darkness, when wild boars are less wary and getting within hunting distance of wild boars is not as difficult. This method of wild boar hunting is becoming more and more popular.

From individual hunts, the possibility of luring black game with the so-called grunt can also be highlighted. It imitates the grunts of black game, for example, when they are feasting or feasting. Young and curious piglets often respond to this type of lure.
Another type of lure that works on whole groups, but also older pigs (pigs), is an imitation of a fawn. This works especially during the period when the doe are laying fawns (end of May/June). Pigs look for these fawns by walking through meadows where they know fawns hang out.

We must not forget the popular joint hunts, which are increasingly popular with all hunters. Push-ups, push-ups or push-ups. They have one thing in common. Meeting with friends and enjoying a joint hunt for black game, where the hunter has to demonstrate his shooting skills and, usually during the fast dash of wild boars, recognize the pig, aim and shoot safely.

Common stalks are a prerogative of autumn. Several dozen pieces of black game are usually caught on the hunting grounds.

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What I need to hunt the wild boar

Wild boar can be hunted with both ball and shot bullets. In the case of shotguns, uniform bullets, so-called slugs, are allowed. At the same time, there are also special ball cartridges for shotguns that have much better properties than standard slugs. A slug is a uniform lead shot.

Of the ball calibers, it is necessary to mention whether you are hunting a boar, or a hound, or a trophy piece. Common calibers of the 6.5 mm series are sufficient for sleds and hounds; 7mm; 8 mm and 9.3 mm. For trophy whiners, more powerful shots need to be considered. On the other hand, the trophy dogfish can be caught safely even with the caliber of the 7 mm series. You can read more information in the article "Choosing the right caliber for hunting cloven-hoofed game" in Myslivost magazine.

Since wild boar is mostly hunted in the dark, it is necessary to be equipped with good observation equipment, thanks to which one can safely identify the right piece of game to be hunted. There are night vision devices, but today these night vision devices are being replaced by thermal vision devices, which are better in every way.

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Trophy of wild boar for hunter

As a trophy for a wild boar, its weapons (clackets and steamers) are internationally recognized, which have precisely defined parameters, such as calculating the power of the trophy. With the CIC method, medals can also be assigned to caught pieces.

Some hunters make brushes from the wild boars they catch, which are bundled bristles from the back in a decorative quiver. This can be used behind the hat as a decoration.

Make a meal from the wild boar meat

Wild boar is very tasty meat, which is beautifully colored red. Young pieces are tender and lean. Its use is general. From goulash, to roast, to grilling. It should be noted that the wild boar is a carrier of the roundworm, which is an endoparasite that is dangerous to humans. For that reason, each caught piece must be examined at the State Veterinary Administration in the laboratory. Defined muscle tissue samples are taken.

The fat collected from the female sex is worth mentioning. If the lard is browned, this lard is very tasty and tender. Cracklings are completely incomparable to cracklings from a domestic pig. They are tender, fragrant and delicious.

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