Registration, enrolment and an account

  1.  Is the registration charged?
    1. N0.
  2. How shall I register?
    1. Click on REGISTER and fill in the data (name, surname, email, username and password).
  3. What if I forget the password?
    1. Click on FORGOTTEN PASSWORD and fill in the form your username or an email. On this email, you receive the link to renew the password. If you don´t receive the link, contact info@huntasticzech.cz
  4. Is the registration limited in age?
    1. No. Anyone can register and reserve the hunts as well. Each hunting process is subject to legislation of a particular country. In most cases, the age limit is 18 years. For more information, contact the outfitters.
  5. Can I also reserve a hunt for anyone else?
    1. Yes, you can. There isn ´t any limit.
  6. Can I book a hunt without being registered?
    1. No, only a registered user, who is logged in at the same time, is entitled to book hunts.
  7. Nemohu se přihlásit, co mám dělat?
    1. Check your login data, activate the CapsLock. You can also try to change the password. If it still doesn´t work, contact us at info@huntasticzech.cz
  8. What shall I do, if I cannot log in?
    1. No, a single hunter is authorized to have a single account.
  9. Can I edit the data additionally in MY ACCOUNT?
    1. Yes, you can. The data can be edited and contact us at info@huntasticzech.cz for more information.



  1. Do I have log in to book a hunt?
    1. Yes, you have to. A hunt canot be booked without your login and registration.
  2. How shall I make a reservation?
    1. Use filters and parameters and choose the hunt from the overview. Once you choose the hunt, click on DETAIL. There are all hunting conditions and the description of the hunt. Then click on PRICE CALCULATOR. There you opt for your favourable hunt and you also see the DEPOSIT and a probable price of the hunt. Then click on NONBINDING RESERVATION. At this moment, your nonbindibg reservation gets recapitulated. You check your personal data and if everything is all right, click on ORDER.
  3. What shall I expect after such a booking
    1. You will get an email confirming the acceptance of your nonbinding and the summary of the order. This email goes automatically to the outfitter who contacts you later.
  4. How shall I confirm the nonbinding reservation?
    1. The deposit is to be sent to the Huntastic account till 2 weeks from a nonbinding reservation. In this way, your reservation becomes binding and you entirely yours.
  5. What is the deposit I have to pay for the hunt?
    1. General business conditions of the platform state 30% of the amount including the service such as a daily rate per a hunter, a guest and an accommodation.
  6. Do these conditions hold for all outfitters and hunters?
    1. No. If the outfitter has his own payment conditions, they are always mentioned under the offer.
  7. Who shall I pay the remaining amount for the hunt?
    1. It is paid according to the hunting conditions of the outfitter. Either in form of a bank transfer, by cash on the spot or a payment in advance. For more information on payment conditions, have a look at the offer
  8. How shall I find out the exact price of the hunt?
    1. The price calculator calculates a price labelled as „Probable price“The calculator calculates the price labelled as „Probable price“ because it is not possible in advance to calculate the exact price in most hunts. At first, it holds for trophies (CIC, weight etc.) the provider has a fixed a price list according to which the final price is calculated. For example, if you want to hunt a game (100 CIC points) and you hunt just 90 points, you pay the amount for 90 CIC. And the other way round, if you achieve 110 CIC points, you pay for 110 CIC.
  9. What is the Probable price in the calculator for?
    1. This price serves to calculate the hunting trip. It doesn´t include the fees mentioned in the offers. They are optional. For this reason, the whole exact price is calculated after the hunt.
  10. If I book a hunt and choose an appropriate term, does the outfitter have to accommodate me?
    1. The outfitter is not obliged to accommodate your chosen term. However, he is obliged to suggest another term as soon as possible.
  11. What is the calendary for, then?
    1. You choose your preferred hunting date in the calendar and if there is a free spot, the provider will be happy to accommodate you. However, this is not always an option for various reasons (transfer of other hunts, extension of hunting stays, bad weather, etc.). However, the provider will see your preferred date and will be happy to suggest other possible dates that are closer to yours of suggest another date when you will have a better hunting experience.
  12. Can I bring my family or friends who do not hunt?
    1. Yes, you can., Click on GUEST in the calculator, if necessary. Hunting offers mostly contain extra-hunting activities
  13. Who do I make an agreement with while booking the hunt?
    1. A purchase contract is always made between you and the outfitter. The platform serves as a communication background between the hunter and the outfitter
  14. Is there a hotline in the platform?
    1. Yes, we are willing to answer your questions and arrange the requests. However, try to use the booking forms as much as you can. The questions will be answered directly by the outfitter.



  1. Shall I arrange the documents on my own?
    1. If there is an icon symbolizing a document, then i tis all arranged by the outfitter. You just give just necessary personal data. In case the outfitter doesn´t arrange the documents, the offer contains a reference to the article showing what documents you need to arrange in a certain country on your own.
  2. What documents do I need?
    1. The Huntastic platform sends you documents which you show to the outfitter. The documents will be sent after paying the deposit to the Huntastic account. The outfitter is aware of your visit so you have to prove your identity. Then you need a hunting document of a certain country, a gun licence, or a European gun passport, a passport, ID card, a hunting insurance. Some countries also require a hunting invitation you have to take with you in order to prove the purpose of the journey while travelling with a gun. You also need to have travel insurance, air tickets and other necessary documents.
  3. Can I have any gun with me?
    1. Yes, you can. If you dispose of relevant allowances, that is all right. While travelling in Schengen Area, for example, i tis enough to have a gun licence and a hunting invitation. In some countries i tis much better to lend a gun. If you travel by plane, for example. In these cases, the gun icon below the offer will notify of a possibility to lend a gun after a mutual agreement with the outfitter.
  4. Shall I make an accommodation?
    1. If there is an accommodation icon below the offer, it is arranged by the outfitter or he has his own accommodation. Other information is in details of the offer. It is also possible to book an accommodation in local hotels or guesthouses through booking.com.
  5. What if I run out of cartridges?
    1. I tis always better to have more cartridges with you. Of course, the outfitter might sell them, but do not rely on it.
  6. Shall I make a plane ticket on my own?
    1. Yes, in most cases, after mutual agreement, the outfitter provides transfer from the airport directly to the hunting area. In the detail of the offer, you can see links to the nearest airport through the filter.
  7. What if I cancel the hunt?
    1. A deposit-refund or prepayments succumb to individual outfitter´s business conditions. These conditions are indicated in the detail of the offers.
  8. What if I fall ill and I am not able to go hunting?
    1. It is ideal to have a storno insurance or to contact the outfitter and fix another available term.



  1. Can I have myself understood with the outfitter?
    1. A basic preview of each offer states languages the outfitter can speak.
  2. What type of gun shall I take with me?
    1. All animals mentioned in the platform as well as the most important points are enlisted in ANIMAL ENCYCLOPEDIA. The platform of course contains articles on certain game species.
  3. What shall I do if I hunt a game the very first day and I still want to continue?
    1. It always depends on the agreement between you with the local provider or the outfitter. The rest of the price is paid up later.
  4. What happens if I hunt different game from the one I paid for?
    1. This may happen for several reasons. It always depends on the agreement with the outfitter. However, if you are banned to hunt break the outfitter´s rules, you are facing sanctions which are always quoted in hunting offers. The sanctions may reach up to the 100% surcharge of the original hunting price. And you automatically lose the trophy. Therefore, you are always recommended to keep the outfitter´s instructions.
  5. What happens if the hunting conditions aren´t kept in ways described in the platform?
    1. The outfitters make a Cooperation Agreement between them and the platform.Whatever they offer in our platform, must be followed. In case an outfitter doesn´t follow the rules, he/she might be given a fine and the cooperation with our platform might terminate. In case of any doubts or trouble, contact us immediately on info@huntasticzech.cz
  6. Can I take my hunting dog with me?
    1. It depends on the outfitter as well as the type of the hunt.
  7. What if I don´t hunt any game during the hunt?
    1. The hunt as such is never achievable for 100%. Therefore, it is so wonderful. The territories are full of game. However, you might not manage to hunt it. In this case you do not pay for the game but for the accommodation or the hunting guide. Also the outfitters want you to be successful. That is why it is better to agree on another term and then finally meet the hunting dream. All depends of the mutual agreement with the outfitter.
  8. What if I hunt a game at the very beginning of the hunt; can I keep on hunting and hunt another game?
    1. Yes, you can. Lucky hunters are given such a chance but it always depends on the outfitter. If it is possible at all. In a case like this, you pay the rest of the amount for another game to the outfitter.
  9. What if I hunt a game before the end of the hunting stay and I want ti leave earlier. Can I have a refund for the rest days?
    1. It depends on the way the outfitter’s offer is conceived and on the type of the hunting offer. Other information is a section HUNTS or ask the outfitter directly. Sometimes, the refund might be provided.
  10. Can I take the trophy home immediately?
    1. It depends on the destination and the type of the hunt. Some hunts enable this. But in some cases, a trophy must be put on display or a show and then i tis sent to the hunter.
  11. Who pays for sending the trophy?
    1. All costs connected to trophy delivery into the hunter´s destination, including the insurance and other necessities are paid by the hunter. Either within the price of the hunt o rafter the successful hunt depending on size and a type of the trophy.
  12. What if the trophy arrives damaged?
    1. Then take a photo and contact info@huntasticzech.cz
  13. Who is responsible for a damaged trophy?
    1. The outfitter bears responsibility for the hunt and a following trophy delivery. It is recommended to have a trophy insurance if the trophy is damaged by a transport company. The company is responsible for the transport of the trophy.


After the hunt

  1. I was dissatisfied with the hunt, Where can I complain?
    1. Make the complaint and contact info@huntasticzech.cz. The complaint will be solved directly with the outfitter.
  2. I was completely satisfied with the hunt, where can I share my experience and impressions?
    1. If the hunting stay made you pleased and satisfied, then the purpose of the hunting platform Huntastic was fulfilled. We are pleased with each satisfied hunter booking in Huntastic platform. For this reason, contact us on info@huntasticzech.cz and write your own story, post the photos and your feedback will be published on the platform in a section ARTICLES. Your hunting trip can also be presented in magazines about hunting and game keeping.
  3. Do I have to take videos and photos of the hunt?
    1. Taking a video or a photo is not a condition. However, each hunt is an unforgettable experience and capturing the hunting moment with a favourable game is worth taking a photo or making a video. We will be glad for high-quality documents which will be later published within the platform.
  4. Do I have to give evidence of hunted game?
    1. The hunter doesn´t have to give evidence of any hunted game. This is the outfitter´s obligation. The outfitter is to show a payment certificate or a hunting certificate which clarifies what you have hunted or other eventual services. The document mainly has to take your name, your signature as well as the outfitter´s signature.
  5. Do you have an Affiliate Program, what does it consist of?
    1. If you register on the platform, book the hunt and are so satisfied that you recommend the platform to your friend, then you are rewarded with the profit share for a booked and accomplished hunt. the more friends you have on the platform, the more per cents you gain from the platform fort he accomplished hunts. For more information, click on Affiliate program (it is being prepared technically, thanks for understanding).

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