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The wild turkey and its fee hunt in the free range is enjoying increasing popularity. Take a look and choose from our turkey hunting offerings

  • In our territory, wild turkeys are found in several areas where breeding takes place (Pilsen and Olomouc Region)
  • The wild turkey is native to the American continent and thrives here
  • The ideal time for turkey hunting is here (also by law) from 15.3. until 15.4., when is the turkey breeding season. Abroad, turkey hunting times may vary
  • Another wild turkey hunting season is from October 1st to December 31st
  • The wild turkey is the largest representative of game birds in the Czech Republic. It weighs around 10 kg and grows up to 120 cm
  • A trophy turkey can be interesting to hunters from several directions: tail tuft, chest brush, wings or head with chest
  • The color of the wild turkey is metallic to black
  • Wild turkey hunting during the flow is very attractive. You can choose from several possible ways to hunt a turkey, such as luring with a decoy, rubbing flights on the ground, or using balabans.
  • Individual turkey hunting takes place either in the form of waiting in the "waiting area" or in the form of scrambling, when the hunter must observe the residence signs of this beautiful animal

Paid chamois hunts are a pleasant diversion for all hunters of this beautiful animal

  • The only representative of the mountain goat in the wild in our territory
  • It is located in the Jeseníky and Lužické mountains, where it was imported at the beginning of the 20th century
  • The mountain chamois population is stable (around 600 animals) and a few animals can be hunted annually for a fee
  • The Czech mountain chamois population is considered one of the healthiest populations in the world
  • Mountain chamois has several subspecies (Alpine, Pyrenean, Carpathian, Tatra, French, Balkan, Turkish or Mediterranean)
  • His trophy is the horns, which both the male and the female have, ranging in size from 10 to 30 cm. Roses grow throughout their lives.
  • The size of the chamois reaches 70 to 90 cm at the withers and its weight is around 50 kg

Check out Dybowski's sika deer fee hunts in our game hunting offers

  • Dybowski's sika deer hunting period is from July 1. until 31.1., while in other countries the hunting time may change
  • Together with the Japanese sika deer, it belongs to species imported to our country in the 19th century
  • Its origin comes from the east of Russia - Manchuria
  • It looks like a fallow deer, but it has a dark stripe on its back and its antlers are not shovel-shaped
  • For hunters, Dybowski's sika deer fee hunts are very interesting, as its antlers form an interesting trophy
  • Dybowski's sika deer is mainly hunted in game areas where it achieves medal values
  • Dybowski's sika deer belongs to the largest representative of sika deer and reaches a weight of up to 120 kg
  • It is hunted with a bullet, just like other types of ungulates, by baiting or rolling

The mallard is the most numerous species of duck hunted. In addition, big polecat and crested coot · black coot are hunted

  • The hunting season for mallards in the Czech Republic is from September 1. until 30.11. Hunting times may vary in other countries
  • Along with the duck, you can also hunt the black coot, the great polecat and the crested polecat
  • Mallards stay in all water types throughout the territory of the Czech Republic
  • It can be hunted in small hunting groups or on large hunts
  • Popular mallard fee hunts are conducted on large ponds where ducks are artificially reared
  • However, an attractive way of hunting is group hunting in the morning and evening, when the ducks gradually fly to the water surface
  • The duck is hunted with 3.5 mm shot
  • To attract ducks, you can use so-called balabans, which are artificial dummies of ducks on the water surface
  • You can also attract a duck using decoys

Fee hunts for hares are a great rarity in hunting offers that will please any hunter

  • Hare hunting takes place on joint hunts (hunts) and the hare hunting period is from 1.11. until 31.12.
  • You can also hunt hares with the help of raptors, which can be hunted this way from 1.9.
  • Hare populations have declined greatly in recent years, but there are still areas where hares are abundant
  • It is hunted with a shot around 4 to 4.5 mm
  • Traditional hare hunting is one of the most prestigious events
  • Hare game is rated as the tastiest meat for sirloin or other sauces
  • Catching several dozen hares is considered a good hunt
  • Hunting takes place only on the wild population of hares in nature
Fox hunting takes place throughout the year, but the most attractive time is in winter, when foxes are active in the snow
  • During the fox rutting (mating season) the foxes call by "calling" in the period of December
  • The fox is hunted with a shotgun, but also with a shotgun with a larger shot (4.5 mm; 5.1 mm, etc.)
  • Full-coat bullets can be used on the fox, which do not destroy the fur for further use
  • It is hunted by individual hunt, but also on riden hunts
  • It occurs in all habitats and is widely distributed throughout Europe
  • The fox is a very bright and clever animal that is constantly learning
  • Foxes can be lured during hunts by imitating prey (hare squeals, mouse calls, bird cries, etc.)
  • The discipline of luring is one of the very popular methods of hunting
  • As a trophy, the fox's skull size is evaluated and can be scored using the CIC method

Fee-based roe deer hunts can be found in almost every corner of Europe

  • The ideal time for deer hunting is from the beginning of May to June and during the doe rut (late July/August). Abroad, this period may be delayed by several weeks
  • The roe deer is hunted with a target shot or by reeling in individual hunting
  • Fawns are lured during estrus by imitations of rutting doe
  • During November, roe deer begin to shed their antlers and grow new ones during the winter
  • The roe deer is the smallest ungulate in the Czech Republic
  • Roe deer have the most variable antlers of ungulates
  • A typical antler of a roe deer is six-pointed
  • The track of a roe deer is small and easily distinguishable from other ungulates
  • It inhabits all possible biotopes and has also adapted to suburban areas
  • In Siberia and further east it has its relative the Siberian roe deer
Many expressions have been used for the wild boar, such as wild boar · black game · black knight
  • Wild boar hunting season is all year round in the wild and in fields
  • The wild boar can be hunted with a shotgun or a single-shot shotgun
  • Wild boar is abundant in all European countries
  • The wild boar is hunted individually with a hook or a snare
  • Hunting the wild boar on joint hunts is very attractive
  • Trophy walleyes are ideal for hunting from autumn to the end of winter
  • In wild boars, their "weapon" - protruding teeth - is valued as a trophy
  • Look at the offer of paid wild boar hunts and choose your hunt
European fallow deer is one of the tastiest game in our country, and at the same time its hunters will appreciate attractive hunts and trophies
  • The European fallow deer hunting period is from 1.7. until 31.1. in the Czech Republic. Hunting times may vary abroad
  • The best fallow deer hunting is during fallow rut from October to mid-November depending on the location
  • Fallow deer can be hunted both in the wild and in most fields
  • The fallow deer is hunted with a shot gun on an individual hunt in the form of a sled or a sled
  • The hunting season is year-round in the reserves, however, due to the antlers, they hunt from July to March
  • Dane antlers are very attractive to every hunter due to their size and shape
  • Read more about the fallow deer in our article The European fallow deer and its hunting, for example by baiting
  • Look at the hunting offers of European fallow deer and choose yours
  • Fallen deer fee hunts are one of the most affordable hunts on the market


Wild goose hunting is popular abroad with the help of balabans, which hunters arrange in fields or bodies of water. They themselves are then hidden in shelters

  • The hunting season for greylag goose ✓ Taiga bean goose ✓ Greater white-fronted goose in the Czech Republic is from 16.8. until 15.1., but hunting times may change abroad

  • It is possible to hunt all three types of geese in the Czech Republic.

  • Attractive fee-based goose hunts are available in Hungary, but unforgettable goose hunts are offered by Poland or other Baltic states or Scandinavia

  • In Sweden, other types of geese can be hunted than in our country. You can, for example, hunt for a large mullet

  • Geese are hunted with small shot, but also with larger ones (3.5 mm · 4.0 mm · 4.5 mm · 5.1 mm) depending on the circumstances
  • Goose hunting in large flocks during autumn migrations is very impressive

  • Geese can be hunted individually or on joint hunts with friends

  • Wild geese are mainly found in southern Moravia · southern Bohemia or the Pilsen area

  • They are mostly hunted in the morning and evening when they fly to pasture and when they return to the water

Badger fee hunts are very rare, but occasionally appear in platform hunt offers

  • The badger hunting period is from September 1. until 30.11. Hunting times may vary in different countries

  • The badger is the largest weasel-like beast in our territory, weighing up to 20 kg

  • The badger is found throughout our territory in all biotopes

  • Hunt the badger is usually a great luck for hunters

  • Badger can be hunted with a shotgun with small shots (4.0 mm · 4.5 mm · 5.1 mm), but also with a rifle gun

  • As a trophy, hunters value his skull and tanned skin, which is often an interesting addition to interiors

  • His hunting takes place in the morning and evening in the form of waiting from a perch


  • Mouflon hunting period is from July 1. until 31.3. in the Czech Republic ✓ May vary abroad

  • An attractive mouflon hunt is the rutting season from October to November, when you can see mouflon fights

  • Mouflon is the only representative of wild sheep in our territory

  • Mouflon trophies in the Czech Republic are some of the strongest trophies in the world

  • A hunter considers mouflon quivers (horns), which grow throughout his life, to be a trophy

  • Mouflon is hunted with a rifle gun on the wait or in the form of shuffling (walking through the chase)

  • It occurs throughout our territory and you can find it in the offers both in the wild and in the game reserves

  • Choose from a variety of paid mouflon hunts


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