Game reserve Hájek

The Hájek nature reserve is located in the Karlovy Vary region in the northern direction near the spa town of Karlovy Vary

The Game reserve Hájek extends in the foothills of the Ore Mountains on one side and the Doupovské Mountains on the other. There is no shortage of mountain views. In the reserve, you can hunt fallow deer, mouflons and wild boars.

The game reserve Hájek is very fragmented, where forests alternate with meadows and pastures. The considerable elevation of the field from 421 to 541 meters above sea level offers hunters an interesting hunt that is not easy. There are large forest ravines that gradually connect to highland pastures.

At the same time, hunters can also enjoy fishing in the park’s ponds.

Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary region

About the chase

Area: 418
Area: Highlands
Species: Miscellaneous (Meadows/ forests)

Game reserve Hájek has a relatively large area of ​​418 hectares. More than two-thirds of the park is occupied by a mature pine forest, which forms the southern part of the park and stretches along the borders to the northern spur, which belongs to wild boars. This part of the park is separately fenced and forms a 60-hectare section for wild boars.

This reserved part of the park for wild boars is waterlogged with lots of impenetrable grasses and bushes, which are also supplemented with thickets. Ideal conditions for wild boars.

The rest of the park belongs to fallow deer and mouflon.

At the top of the central part of the park sits a larger pine grove, from which there are pastures and meadows in all directions, which are naturally overgrown with bushes and solitary trees along the contours. This ensures a wonderful diversity of the field.

Wild boar drives can also be run in the game reserve.

Accommodation in the nature reserve is provided in the hunting lodge, which is right in the middle of the nature reserve, which is fully equipped (toilet, showers, kitchen, etc.), including common rooms.

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Important information

  • To hunt: fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar

  • 8 ha water area, 113 ha meadows, 287 ha forests

  • Accommodation provided in a hunting lodge right in the nature reserve

  • Václav Havel Airport – 130 km

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