Game reserve Kralice

The game reserve Kralice borders on a historical city Náměšť nad Oslavou and its castle.

The game reserve is also historical as it dates back to 16th century and thus belongs to one of the oldest reserves in our country.

In this reserve occur red deer (clear Carpathian form) and fallow deer. Thanks to ideal conditions for hunting, the game reserve can boast of impressive deer and fallow deer trophies. The record of the game reserve is red deer with antlers of 236,7 CIC and fallow deer of 211,08 CIC.

An original stone fence, lining most of the reserve, enhances its historical feature. Moreover, there are other historical buildings inside the reserve. Thanks to its location and a historical value, the game reserve has been listed as a remarkable natural monument. In fact, there are still original trees which date back to 17th century. Fallen trees serve as food and shelter for protected beetles and other animals.

The then aristocracy, lords from Lomnice, demanded a sophisticated conception of the reserve in order to fit in the landscape. Therefore, the game reserve Kralice has an aesthetical function. It also plays a crucial role of a natural reservoir for full-grown, old and dead beeches, oaks, hornbeams and other broadleaved trees.

In this way, the game reserve fulfils all conditions for healthy countryside with a minimal human interference. It shelters numerous animal and plant species which would hardly survive in an intensively-farmed area.

Czech Republic, Vysocina Region

About the chase

Area: 282
Area: Highlands
Species: Forest

The game reserve Kralice is almost all covered with old broadleaved trees which create, especially in autumn, an amazing colourful ambience. There are also several pounds full of carp and predatory fish.

Entering the game reserve, you can see smaller fish ponds, colourful broadleaved trees which appeal mainly in autumn. This goes hand in hand with red stag roaring or fallow deer calling. Then you don´t want to come back.

The accommodation (up to for people with 2 rooms for two) is stylishly designed on the shore of the pond. The cottage is equipped with a stove and a kitchen. Next to the cottage, there is a clubroom with a huge fireplace. Sit down for a while and have a nice talk about your successful hunt to your friends.

The game reserve is 90% covered with wood. The wood is broad-leaved, prevailingly beeches and oaks, light and well-arranged, segmented with smaller meadows, alleys and orchards.

The surroundings are hilly and definitely not easy for movement. In the game reserve, you have to go through 2 large valleys and wood brooks.

The animals in the game reserve are shy so hunters must be careful to come closer to them. Thanks to various hills and vertical distance, a hunter has enough shelters and can easily approach to the animals.

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