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The Obelisk Nature Reserve is a unique project that returned the original flora and fauna to the part of the environment known as the “Moravian Amazon” thanks to the intensive reworking of the agricultural landscape into the original floodplain forest.

The Obelisk nature reserve is located in the South Moravian region near the town of Břeclav. This is a very young field that only remembers the 21st century. Since then, he has achieved many milestones and achievements. Both landscape, natural, and above all breeding.

Red deer (Carpathian line) and fallow deer are kept in the park. Successive hunting successes in the form of strong trophies have been achieved through gradual selection in breeding, nutritional value in the game and the overall good health of the game. It is quite common for deer in Obelisk Park to have golden antlers on the fifth head. The strongest deer are hunted around 250 CIC points.

The Danes achieve gold medals as well and as one of the few disciplines in these conditions achieve point values ​​of over 200 CIC points

Czech Republic, South Moravian Region

About the chase

Area: 537
Area: Lowland
Species: Miscellaneous (Fields/ forests)

The Game reserve Obelisk extends next to the branch of the Dyje River. It has the character of floodplain forest, which is the natural habitat for this area.

This is exactly how the original water bodies, blind shoulders, lakes and wetlands were built and restored in the nature reserve. About 22,000 solitary trees are planted in the nature reserve.

The game reserve Obelisk is interesting mainly for its diversity of fauna and flora. It is proof that when water returns to the landscape, so does life. The reserve is home to a multitude of aquatic animals that lived here before the landscape was drained and turned into large fields. Two species of eagles also nest in the game reserve.

The elevation of the field is only 4 meters. However, hunting deer or fallow deer is not easy at all. Can be hunted from 26 pulpits. But the hunter has to overcome natural obstacles many times, such as blind shoulders, reeds, corn fields and or wetlands. This also makes the Obelisk domain different from others.

Accommodation is a facility directly in the park in three buildings. The first building is a renovated Liechtenstein game lodge for six guests, and the other two are modern buildings that offer perfect architectural elements that are friendly to nature.

Hunters can combine hunting with a visit to the Obelisk winery, which belongs to the nature reserve.

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Important information

  • To hunt: red stag, fallow buck, wild duck, goose

  • 52 ha wetlands, lakes and water areas, 322 ha meadows and fields, 146 ha forests

  • It´s possible to hunt from 26 high seats

  • Own accommodation in three different buildings as desired

  • To hunt deer or fallow deer, you can hunt small game (duck, goose, pheasant, etc.)

  • Vienna Airport – 110 km

  • Brno Tuřany Airport – 55 km 

  • Bratislava Airport– 105 km

  • Václav Havel Airport – 280 km

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