Game reserve Pravice

The game reserve Pravice is situated near Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou, which is a town bordering on Austria.

It is found in the lowlands and smaller hills. The hills are planted with small-sized wineyards.

The game park consists of acacia wood there are also oak and ash trees. There are three farmed areas.

Thanks to these areas, fallow deer and mouflons still feel shy. Moreover, this game park also offer several pieces of Dybowski Sika Deer.

The biggest sika Dybowski was hunted in this game reseve. The points CIC of this trophy is 436 CIC.

The wine cellar is a part of a game reserve. It also has an attic room with four beds and sanitary facilities. In the ground floor, there is a kitchen and a lounge with a fireplace, thematically dedicated to hunters.

Czech Republic, South Moravian Region

About the chase

Area: 300
Area: Lowlands
Species: Mixed (field/ forest)

The game reserve Pravice is prevailingly covered with acacia wood. This wood divides the game reserve into two parts. There are large fields and meadows where the game goes grazing.

The entire structure of the game reminds of an open landscape. Deep valleys attract more demanding hunters.

The game in the game reserve is shy and it is possible to hunt from nice high seats. Most hunts, however, are stalking. It is not easy to come closer to the game so it mostly takes more strolls.

That´s why this game reserve is mainly ideal for the hunters who are keen on challenges, beautiful landscapes and who also feel free to discuss in a wine cellar on the successful hunt with the owner of the game reserve.

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