Game reserve Radějov in the Czech Republic

Game reserve Radějov or Resort Radějov is the largest private nature reserve in the Czech Republic located in Moravian Slovácko on the very border with Slovakia.

With its area of ​​1,600 hectares and above all its mountain location in the White Carpathians, it offers hunters from the Czech Republic, but also from all over the world, a very beautiful environment with quality hunting of healthy game.

The reserve is known for very good breeding of deer that reach 200+ CIC. The large area of ​​the field proves them. The other main hunted animal is the fallow deer, with trophies also reaching over 200+ CIC.

In the park you can also meet wild boars or roe deer, or many other animals.

Accommodation is provided in several properties that are spread over the nature reserve. The individual buildings are well equipped and offer hunters countless options to make their stay more pleasant.

Czech Republic, South Moravian Region

About the chase

Area: 1600
Area: Mountains
Species: Forest

Most of the area of ​​the Radějov nature reserve is forested. The central part is part of the White Carpathian mountain meadows with the Kútka nature reserve.

Although the altitude of 500 meters above sea level is not very high, the mountain climate breathes here at every corner. The nature reserve is part of the White Carpathian Mountains. At the same time, it falls into the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the White Carpathians.

A large number of natural pools, the remains of rotting trees, streams and above all a large number of protected plants and animals make up a truly large and diverse area of ​​preserved nature.

It is worth mentioning the named White Carpathian mountain meadows, where a large number of protected orchids grow (inset orchids, red-headed orchids, red-eared orchids and others). At the same time, these meadows are the nesting grounds of many species of birds bound to the meadow biotope.

The surrounding forests are mixed spruce forests with beech and oaks, which provide sufficient shelter and natural food for animals.

Game is hunted on the entire area. Hunters can use an abundance of ladders, pulpits, observatories and rolling walkways. I dedicate a personal guide to each hunter. They hunt in the morning and in the evening. During the day, hunters can fill their schedule by, for example, fishing in the reserve in several water bodies (carp, grass carp, pike, pike, perch and others).

Hunters can choose from several types of accommodation in the park. There are animal observatories here, which are furnished as simple, stylish log cabins without electricity and with minimal equipment such as beds, solid fuel stoves, kerosene lamps or a box booth. There are 5 of them in the reserve and they are used for sleeping, but also for watching game. The log cabins are located in well-selected locations designated for this purpose.

Hunting lodge Krokev offers pleasant accommodation for hunters in summer and winter. It is stylishly equipped in a hunting design. Hunters can use the Russian sauna, fireplace, outdoor smokehouse, or fishing right in front of the cabin. All fishing equipment is in the cottage. Hunters can grill freshly caught fish.

The Pusté Residence is prepared for the most demanding, in which the owner of the field lives directly. The residence is located in the very heart of the game and offers hunters everything they can think of (wellness with pool, hot tub, sauna, fishing, bowling and more).

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Important information

  • To hunt: red stag, fallow buck, wild boar

  • 10 ha wetlands and ponds, 300 ha meadows, 1 300 ha forests

  • The largest private game reserve in the Czech Republic with 1 600 ha area

  • Own accommodation in several accommodation facilities directly in the nature reserve

  • 5 hunting cabins, simply equipped, intended primarily for game viewing

  • Krokev hunting lodge with a themed hunting design with fireplace, Russian sauna and fishing right in front of the lodge

  • Residence Pusté is the most luxurious accommodation in the owner’s residence (Wellness, sauna, fishing, bowling, snow chamber and others)

  • Vienna Airport160 km

  • Brno Tuřany Airport 90 km

  • Bratislava Airport– 130 km

  • Václav Havel Airport – 310 km

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    A sample of a fallow deer caught in the Radějov nature reserve
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    Demonstration of a strong deer caught in the Radějov nature reserv

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