Hunting Area Biharugra

The Biharugra hunting area in the south of Hungary is located right on the border with Romania.

This is an important bird area covering an area of ​​over 12,000 hectares. There are countless similar areas in Hungary. Hungary is generally rich in populations of wild ducks and geese.

The whole area focuses on fish farming, agriculture and reed cultivation. Due to this, water bodies, reedbeds, swamps, pastures and fields are naturally spread throughout Biharugra, offering ample food and shelter for all waterfowl.

There is a large presence of the Greater Goose, which begins to gather in large flocks during the summer and stays in these areas until December. During October, geese arrive from the north, mostly represented by white-fronted geese.


About the chase

Area: 5000
Area: Lowland
Species: Fields

The Biharugra hunting area is part of the floodplain between the towns of Mezögyán and Körösnagyharsán, where artificial water bodies are created for fish breeding. At the same time, the whole area is covered with reeds, wetlands and natural watercourses, which create various pools, meanders and swamps.

The landscape is flat with a tendency to form permanent waterlogged areas that arise during heavy rains or autumn and winter weather. However, the fertile soil and warm climate provide good conditions for growing corn, which the geese love.

A lot of hunting takes place in corn stubble, which is visited by thousands of flocks of geese. Geese live stably on the extensive pond complexes Begécsi-víztáróló and Biharugráí-halastavak. The pond complexes are formed as two large bodies of water, connected to each other by canals and divided by dikes.

Above all, shallow water areas with a rich cover of adjacent reeds, which create separate wetted areas, are important for geese and ducks.

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Important information

  • To hunt: Greater Goose, Taiga Bean Goose, Greater-white fronted Goose

  • 4 800 ha water area, 3 600 ha meadows, 3 000 ha fields, 600 ha forests

  • Accommodation is included in the price of staying in nearby guesthouses

  • Transport with SUV provided around the hunting area

  • Ference Liszt Budapest Airport – 235 km

  • Debrecen Airport– 85 km

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