Hunting ground Černíš

The Černíš hunting area is a mixed hunting area in which there is a pond system with wetlands and reeds.

Half of the hunting area consists of ponds and the other half is divided between smaller fields and forests. Wild duck and pheasant hunts are organized in this hunting area. Pheasant hunting is also operated in the Černíš hunting area.

Hunting ground Černíš is located next to České Budějovice and thus forms a gateway to nature. The Vrbenské rybníky nature reserve is located in the middle of the hunting area, which is inhabited by various waterfowl. In the spring, hundreds of pairs of geese and other waterfowl nest here. These are large wetlands, reedbeds and water channels.

The system of ponds on which duck hunts are held extends throughout the hunting area. South Bohemia is dotted with ponds of various sizes, which together form pond systems. These systems are usually divided by various wetlands, reed beds, or forests.

Thanks to these elements, South Bohemian ponds are popular with hunters from all over the world, as beautiful duck hunts are organized here with several hundred ducks caught per hunt.

Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region

About the chase

Area: 1292
Area: Lowland
Species: Miscellaneous (Fields/ forests)

Hunting ground Černíš forms an imaginary gateway to nature from České Budějovice. The large nature reserve, which is located in the eastern part of the hunting grounds, consists of several ponds, forest and wetlands. It is a large breeding ground for waterfowl, including geese and ducks.

A pheasantry has been built next to the reserve, in which thousands of pheasants are raised, and thanks to this, pheasant hunts are organized here in a natural environment. Pheasants are released as full-grown chickens. In adulthood, they are indistinguishable from the wild population, which all hunters will appreciate.

The pheasant’s terrain is easy for hunters. This is a plain interwoven with reeds.

The same is true of wild ducks, which are raised and hunted here on about 10 ponds. Great emphasis is placed on the quality of farmed game to give hunters the best possible mallard fee hunting experience. Several hundred ducks are caught here during one hunt.

In autumn, when duck hunts are held, wild populations of ducks also migrate to the ponds. Thanks to this, hunters have the opportunity to hunt a wild population of ducks or other game duck species such as mallard, crested polecat or black coot. Wild geese can also be a matter of course.

The southern part of the hunting area is rather mixed, with smaller fields and forests forming part. Thanks to this, there is a suitable opportunity for hunting roe deer, fallow deer, but also wild boar.

Throughout the hunt, the terrain is flat and undemanding, without a large elevation gain. However, there are beautiful views of the surrounding hilly landscape and the beginning Šumava mountains.



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