Hunting ground Dunajovice

Hunting grond Dunajovice is located near the town of Třeboň in the so-called Třeboň Basin.

The Třeboň basin is exceptional with its environment full of wetlands and ponds. However, right next to Třeboň is the largest pond in the Czech Republic – Rožmberk with an area of ​​647 hectares. Honitba Dunajovice is adjacent to Zlata Stoka, which borders the Velký a Malý Tisý Nature Reserve.

Velký Tisý is the fifth largest pond in the Czech Republic, which is part of various wetlands, reed beds and waterlogged meadows. It is this paradise for waterfowl that is home to several thousand geese that regularly fly to the nearest mowed fields. Thanks to this, hunters can enjoy hunting low-flying geese on the morning and evening draft.

Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region

About the chase

Area: 780
Area: Lowland
Species: Fields

Hunting ground Dunajovice is a field hunting area, in which there are around 200 hectares of forests and about 23 hectares of water bodies. The rest are large fields and meadows. Despite the fact that there are almost no large bodies of water in the hunting area, the hunting area is located between a system of wetlands, reedbeds and the largest ponds in the Czech Republic.

It is the presence of large fields near these water complexes that directly attracts hundreds of geese to graze every day. There are also other waterfowl, such as whooping cranes. Quite often, hundreds of crows mingle among the geese.

Hunting is not allowed in the nature reserve Velký and Malý Tisý. Geese and other waterfowl have complete peace here, which is also used by autumn geese from the north. In autumn, flocks of thousands of white-fronted geese descend on the nearby fields, usually flying in at once.

In the Dunajovice hunting area, goose hunts are organized in August on morning and evening trips in small hunting groups, which can use natural shelters while waiting for the first flocks of geese and field geese. Geese usually fly in groups of dozens of individuals, and hunters thus have repeated hunting opportunities.

In autumn there are hunts for geese from the north, which descend in huge flocks, and this is a completely different hunt than in August.

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Important information

  • To hunt: Greylag goose, Bean goose, White-fronted goose

  • 23 ha water area, 557 ha field and meadows, 200 ha forests

  • In August is mostly hunted greylag goose and bean goose

  • In autumn comes white-fronted geese from the north area in thousands birds

  • Morning and evening hunt near the fields

  • Václav Havel Airport – 160 km

  • Brno Tuřany Airport – 180 km

  • Vienna Airport – 200 km

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