Hunting ground Mašťov

Honitba Mašťov is located in the Ústí Region at the foot of the Doupovské Mountains.

The Masťov hunting ground is directly adjacent to the Hradiště military district, which is the largest single hunting ground in the Czech Republic. And also at the same time a paradise for all hoofed animals that can be found here. Except chamois.

Thanks to this neighborhood, the Mašťov hunting area offers ideal conditions for hunting sika deer, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and wild boar.

Annually, they hunt 400 wild pigs and tens to hundreds of other ungulates. Every hunter who wants to try hunting in the Doupovské hory at least once will find something for himself.

Czech Republic, Usti region

About the chase

Area: 1929
Area: Highlands
Species: Miscellaneous (Meadows/ forests)

The Mašťov hunting ground is a mixed hunting that offers the game suitable conditions for its occurrence throughout the year, but part of the hunting is also interesting for the estrus of various game species.

It is a hilly landscape with many views of the surroundings. There is a large forest in the northern part, otherwise the entire hunting area is dotted with smaller woods that connect to meadows, overgrown borders and valleys.

The landscape of the Doupovské mountains is interesting and different. The central part (plateau) is overgrown with tall grass with islands of solitary trees and shrubs (thorns, rosehips, hawthorns, etc.). Such a Czech “steppe” with beautiful views of the surroundings.

The edges of the Doupovské mountains are covered with forests, mostly spruce and deciduous. The majority of the Doupovské Mountains make up the military district of Hradiště.

The neighboring Masťov hunting ground with the military district has a considerable advantage in field conditions. All cloven-hoofed animals are drawn to the cultivated fields, which are interspersed with meadows, draws and overgrown borders.

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Important information

  • To hunt: red deer, Japanese sika deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar

  • 15 ha water area, 1 614 ha fields and meadows, 300 ha forests

  • Transfer during hunting ensured

  • Own accommodation in a guesthouse in the middle of the hunting grounds

  • Possibility of tasting homemade products from game and Angus cattle

  • Václav Havel Airport – 90 km

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