Hunting ground Oslava

Hunting ground Oslava is located near the town of Náměšť nad Oslavou in the Vysočina region, offering deer hunting, fallow deer hunting and wild boar hunting for a fee.

This is a forest hunting area, which is bordered by the wild river Oslava, creating large and impenetrable valleys. It is here to these forest complexes that dachas move during the doe estrus, where they have their roan grounds. There are ideal conditions for undisturbed dane estrus.

Large forest complexes in this locality were marked by the bark beetle calamity, when most of the spruce stands were cut down. Today, in the place of the original mature forests, there are already new thickets, which create a continuous cover and a high nutritional value for roe deer.

The conditions after the whole hunt are suitable for game hunting. Some parts of the hunting grounds are only fields, therefore even the field/forest interface is a welcome habitat for all ungulates.

Sometimes a deer also visits here.

Of course, the Oslava hunting ground is not only about forests, but right in the middle of the hunt there are several hunting monuments and historical buildings. The first of them is the “Vlčí kopec” hunting lodge. Another tourist attraction is Gloriet, which is a hunting pavilion at the lookout point in the valley of the river Oslava. It was built in 1830 and is freely accessible.


Czech Republic, Vysocina Region

About the chase

Area: 653
Area: Highlands
Species: Forest

Oslava hunting is a forest hunting, where more than 80% is a forest complex, which affects other huntings as well. The western border of the hunting area is the valley of the river Oslava, which has created deep valleys, rapids and meanders here. Basically inaccessible to the public, which is why black game thrives here. The fallow bucks have the rut place in valley around them, and roe deer are everywhere.

Almost the entire chase is hilly in nature. It is a Jevišovice hilly area. However, hunting is very easily accessible along well-maintained forest roads and you can get to almost everywhere without difficulty – except for the valley of the river Oslava.

In the western part of the hunting area there are fields, which can be used during the roe deer rut and thus attract the roe deer on the mowed stubble.

The entire hunt is interspersed with beautiful views and natural phenomena (waterfalls, viewpoints, rapids over 100 meters, rock formations, etc.).

The part around the river and its valley is part of the Oslavy and Chvojnice Valley nature reserve.

A caravan can be used for accommodation, which is in the middle of the hunting grounds and serves as a base for hunters. Alternatively, it is possible to secure guesthouses in the surrounding area.

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