Hunting ground Překážka

Hunting ground Překážka is located near the picturesque town of Bavorov in South Bohemia, with the possibility of hunting roe deer in orchards or forests.

The hilly terrain together with the forest complex offers many beautiful views of the landscape. Hunting The obstacle is rather mixed with a predominance of forest stands.

The core of the hunt is a forest complex, which is now largely cut down and restored with new forest. Continuous thickets and clearings create a mosaic of the entire forest with a size of over 600 hectares and create ideal conditions for roe deer and wild boar.

However, there is still plenty of mature forest in the hunting area, so it is not clear cut forest. The hunting of the Obstacle is complemented by mature orchards and meadows with fields that are along the woods.

The accommodation is furnished in a nice South Bohemian building, which is not far from the hunting grounds.

Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region

About the chase

Area: 905
Area: Highlands
Species: Miscellaneous (Fields/ forests)

Hunting ground Překážka has over 900 hectares, which are divided into a few hectares of water bodies, roughly 300 hectares of fields and meadows, and the rest is forest.

In the western part of the hunting area, the forest complex is adjacent to other forests and a forest boundary is created here. There are orchards and fields around the entire forest complex.

The most important part of the orchards is the southeastern part of the hunting grounds. The sets are built into the hills. Roe deer hunting in orchards is a pleasant diversion.

Due to its diversity, hunting offers hunters a choice of many interesting locations in which they can successfully get to know deer and hunt.

The provider offers the possibility of hunting wild boars all year round, which are present during the hunt. During the summer, it is possible to hunt wild boars in the adjacent fields. After harvesting, wild boars return to the forest, where they spend most of their time until the next growing season.


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