Hunting ground Sedmidubovka

Honitba Sedmidubovka is located in southern Bohemia near the town of Trhové Sviny. The hunting area is part of a forest complex with a size of over 5,000 hectares.

Sedmidubovka hunting ground is a forest hunting in flat terrain. At the same time, the entire hunting area is part of a giant forest complex, in which deer, fallow deer, roe deer and especially black game can be found, which have ideal conditions here.

Waterlogged forests, which are tall and sparse in places, often alternate with natural forest regeneration in the form of spruce and deciduous cultures.

Alternating clearings with tall forest and overgrown thickets create very interesting conditions for the hunts that take place here.

Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region

About the chase

Area: 1002
Area: Lowland
Species: Forest

Hunting ground Sedmidubovka forest hunting with a diverse representation of trees. There is a large presence of pine, spruce and fir. Deciduous trees include beeches, oaks, alders, and above all birches, which complement the conifer clearings.

The hunt is entirely interwoven with forest paths that are straight and divide the woods in regular lines. The roads are made of either asphalt or are prepared with gravel, so the movement after the hunt is very pleasant.

The forest is actually perceived as an undergrowth with alternating clearings that are either overgrown or newly planted. In the tall forest, there are already newly formed air raid glades.

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