Hunting ground Tabarky

Hunting ground Tabarky is located at the foot of the Buchlovské mountains in the Zlín Region near the town of Kroměříž.

The hunting ground Tabarky range is a marginal part of a huge forest complex comprising over 18,000 hectares of continuous hilly terrain, which is covered with mixed forests with a predominant presence of beech trees.

There are wild boars, tall game and fallow deer in large numbers. Roe deer is a matter of course.

Hunts with a long-standing tradition are organized in the Tabarky hunting area, where the results range from 10 to 20 pieces of hunted black game in one day.

Czech Republic, Zlin Region

About the chase

Area: 870
Area: Highlands
Species: Forest

The Tabarka hunting ground is completely covered with forest. This is a peripheral part of the Buchlov Mountains, whose official name is Chřiby.

Since this is the edge of the forest complex, twice a year there is a large migration of game to the adjacent fields, which are adjacent to the hunting grounds. During the spring migration, the animals go to the fields and in the fall they return to the shelter of the Buchlov trees.

Autumn migration is used by game, and thanks to ingenious feeding, game stays there in large numbers, which can be used during autumn drives.

The terrain of the hunting area is hilly throughout its area with many valleys where water streams originate. Mature beech forests are light and sparse with a richly laid table of beech trees for game.

These forests are interspersed with thickets of conifers or newly planted beech trees. Animals hide in these thickets during the day.

The thickets are the subject of arson, where a part of the thickets is driven in individual leches with a size of 50 to 70 hectares.


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