Hunting ground Zbýšov

The hunting ground Zbýšov is a field hunt in Moravia that commemorates the battle of three imperial armies.

Fortunately, the battle of the three imperial armies during the Napoleonic Wars is now remembered only by the Peace Mound monument, which stands on a nearby hill from the village of Zbýšov. The battle did not take place here by chance, but because of the surrounding terrain, which is hilly with terrain waves and a distant view of the landscape.

Gradually undulating fields that are intensively cultivated alternate with roads, windbreaks and boundaries. It disappears behind the hill and appears on the other side.

At first glance, the fields are empty, but the edges of these fields are home to a healthy field population of small game. Not only hares thrive here, but also pheasants, partridges, woodpeckers and other field birds.

Here, hunters organize circular hare hunts with a harvest of around 60 to 80 hares per hunt. Rooster pheasants are also hunted, several dozen of which are caught.

Czech Republic, South Moravian Region

About the chase

Area: 536
Area: Lowland
Species: Fields

The Zbýšov hunting ground is not very fragmented or large, and yet it thrives with the life of field life in different parts of the hunting ground.

At one end there are large fields with rows of trees and at the other end there are old orchards with a watercourse.

The means of hunting is divided by a large enclosure, in which there is also a hunting lodge and serves for rest and refreshments during the hunts.

The hunting area is interspersed with overgrown strips of thorns and rosehips, mature tree rows, and the greater part is occupied by old orchards.

In all parts of the hunting ground there is a population of hares in large numbers. This is one of the few places where traditional circular hunts are still practiced.

At the same time, there is a wild population of common pheasant, which can be seen on almost every corner. At the watercourse, you can come across a wild population of mallards, which are also hunted here.

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