Hunting territory Rozsochatec

The hunting territory Rozsochatec offers fee hunting for roebuck, fallow deer and wild boar. The hunting territory is situated between cities of Havlíčkův Brod and Chotěboř on the foothills of Železné hory in Vysočina region.

It is an free range territory, situated in several valleys turning to small fields and wood. The wooden area holds an important part of the territory.

The structure of small fields, valleys, meadows as well as balks is convenient to the local game. Therefore, in the hunting territory Rozsochatec is hunted fifth the biggest roe buck in the Czech republic.

Presence of deer as such is not a unique matter in this area, which reflects great nature suitable for roedeer.

Even though the hunting territory is not located in a high sea level (just 480 meters), its vallies, horizonts and views of near and far hills make the scenery at least a very picturesque.

The accommodation is arranged in a castle Rozsochatec which is found in the middle of the hunting terriotry.


Czech Republic, Vysocina Region

About the chase

Area: 1512
Area: Highlands
Species: Miscellaneous (forest/ fields)

A larger part of the hunting territory is covered by wooden area in which fallow deer and boar are hunted in form of high seat hunting or by driven hunt.  The area consists prevailingly of oak and spruce wood which have been recently planted. This area thus makes ideal conditions for hunting.

Other wooden areas are located on the borders of the whole hunting territory. The wood, often in form of bosque, divide the area into smaller fields. This land segmentation gives a unique space for a high-quality deer hunting.

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Important information

  • To hunt: roe buck, fallow deer, wild boar

  • The biggest trophy: fifth the biggest roebuck hunted in the Czech republic

  • 8 hectares water area, 584 hectares fields, 920 hectares forests

  • Transfer in the hunting territory is avalaible

  • Accommodation in the castle Rozsochatec in the middle of hunting territory

  • Accommodation in Hotel Vysočina

  • Accommodation in Jitkovský Mlýn

  • Brno Tuřany Airport – 130 km

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