Pheasantry Albertovec

The pheasantry Albertovec organizes attractive pheasant hunts with a usual hunted pheasants from 500 up to 2000 pieces in groups of 6 up to 20 hunters. On request, it is also possible to prepare a hunt with a higher hunted of pheasants. The record of the pheasantry is 5 414 pieces. To make the hunt more varied, the pheasantry also offers a partridge hunt.

The pheasantry dates back to the 19th century. It was founded by the house of Lichnovský from Vošice and Werdenburg according to traditional Czech game keeping. Nowadays, the pheasantry continues in its history. Therefore, a big stress is put on game keeping traditions during the whole hunt. The pheasantry can also boast of several exclusive visits of the king William II of Württemberg.

The pheasantry is situated at the frontiers with Poland, between cities of Ostrava and Opava, in a rolling land of 250 meters above sea level. However, the pheasantry is surrounded by a flat highland Nízký Jeseník, the Oder Mountains and Moravian-Silesian Beskids. This all results in a submontane climate, a segmented terrain with views on its surroundings.

The hunt is then followed by board and a game keeping show in a newly-reconstructed building in a hunting style. The accommodation can be arranged in luxurious hotels nearby. By prior arrangement, hunters can be transported to the pheasantry and back or they use their own car.

The pheasantry is interesting for its history, the course of the hunt and its surroundings. Hunters are transported to each hunt by wagon.

Czech Republic, Moravian-Silesian Region

About the chase

Area: 808
Area: Highlands
Species: miscellaneous (Fields/ forests)

Pheasantry Albertovec is interesing for its history, the course of hunting and its environment.

Individual hunts focus on maximal hunting experience. pheasants fly over the hunters above the wood and the experience is also enhanced by the position of the hunters. As they are in a valley, the pheasantry is distinguished by the variety of terrain.

Each hunt starts with a festive roaring and hunting fanfares. Then you get familiarized with basic organisational information on the hunt. Each hunter has his own assistant. As you can see in the profile photo, at the end of the hunt, there is always a traditional pheasant outdoor show. The hunt is followed by refreshment in a gamekeeper´s lodge. The whole event takes place according to hunting traditions. By prior arrangement, it is possible to order cimbalom music.

The accommodation can be arranged, by prior arrangement, in luxurous hotels (Buly aréna Kravaře, Zámek Zábřeh a Hotel Imperial) in Ostrava. It is also possible to get accommodated in local hotels Belaria and Katerain.

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