Pheasantry Kroměříž in the Czech Republic

Pheasantry Kroměříž offers pheasant hunting for a fee. Bažantnice is located in the Zlín region next to the historic town of the same name, Kroměříž.

Pheasant hunting has a long tradition here. An experienced pheasant hunter has been organizing hunts here for more than 30 years. Pheasant game is very mature, flighty, and every hunter will find something to his liking.

Around 15,000 pheasants are caught annually in the pheasant house, while around 700 pheasants are usually caught on each hunt. The record for pheasants is around 2,000 pheasants caught per day.

All organized pheasant hunts are conducted in the spirit of Czech hunting traditions. There is a ceremonial opening at each hunt with the participation of academic trumpeters and its subsequent conclusion with a rich parade of pheasants.

The pheasantry is located about two kilometers from the D1 highway exit, which makes it very accessible. In addition to comprehensive pheasant hunting services (accommodation, refreshments, etc.), hunting of ungulates (roe deer and wild boar) can also be arranged at the pheasant lodge.

Czech Republic, Zlin Region

About the chase

Area: 600
Area: Lowland
Species: Forest

The Kroměříž pheasant is, like one of the few, perched on a clear plain in a floodplain forest in Moravia. Hunters thus have another opportunity to hunt in a different environment than the typical pheasantries in hilly landscapes.

It is a forest environment in which deciduous forests (mainly oaks and ash trees) predominate. The forests are mature and alternate between individual leches with low stands, thickets and linear plantings of shrubs.

The pheasant fields themselves are divided by small fields with corn, which are planted between these forests. Each field is on the edge of a good cover of bushes, which make up a substantial part of the pheasant field. Pheasants are hidden in them and fly between individual fields and forests.

The system of forest paths divides the pheasantry into several units. Thanks to this, you can walk to all the wells that are so easily accessible.

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