Pheasantry Radany

A pheasantry Radany is situated near Protivín among South Bohemian pound, rivers and wetlands.

The pheasantry Radany spreads out in a hilly terrain with views on a hilly area of Tábor. The terrain as such is not easy. But thanks to a system of field ways, o tis easily accessible to all parts of the hunting area. The landscape is mixed and mosaic.

Directly at the pheasantry, there are plenty of pounds and wetlands next to spruce forest. On the other side of the pheasantry, there is a smaller wooden area at various age in a hilly terrain. The area is segmented by meadows and fields. Around these fields, there are traditional pheasant hunts. In the whole hunting area, there are ideal conditions for deer and boar hunts.

For hunters and other participants of the hunt, board is arranged in the middle og the hunting area, in a modest wooden-style lodge. Accommodation can be arranged in local guesthouses nearby.

Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region

About the chase

Area: 909
Area: Highlands
Species: miscellaneous (Fields/ forests)

In Radany pheasantry and its adjoining area, hunters can hunt both in the open air countryside and in a wooden area. The wooden area provides driven boar hunts or individual boar hunts.

In the second part of the hunting area, there are high-quality deer hunts.

And pheasant hunts are organized just in this area. Besides pheasants, hunters can also try Guinea-hens. Each hunt reaches 300 up to 400 pheasants.

Very favourity style of hunting pheasants is stalking of them with dogs. You active walking in free area around the pheasantry with your friends. The hunting groups are about 2 – 5 hunters.

You can hunt for whole day with your friends in friendly atmosphere for low price.

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