Ponds Nalžovské Hory

The area of ​​ponds in the Nalžovské Hory is one of the very interesting localities where duck hunts are organized.

It is precisely a site between 10 ponds with a size of 70 hectares, where mallards are released in the number of around 10,000 ducks. Hunts are carried out in September. Ducks are very flighty and sometimes fly between individual ponds.

The location of ponds Nalžovské Hory is near Klatov, in the direction of Strakonice.

Czech Republic, Pilsen Region

About the chase

Area: 70
Area: Highlands
Species: Fields

The pond area of ​​Nalžovská Hory is dotted with smaller and larger ponds, which are separated from each other. So it is not a large cascade of ponds as they are known in southern Bohemia, but the ponds are in their natural environment surrounded by woods, roads, fields or cottage areas exactly as history shaped them.

Most of the fish ponds are overgrown with reeds on the banks, which provide natural shelter for ducks and other waterfowl. Thanks to this, there is also a wild population of ducks that mix with each other, and hunters have the opportunity to hunt not only artificially bred ducks, but also wild ones.

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Important information

  • To hunt: Duck (mallard)

  • area 70 ha on the 10 ponds

  • Hunted over 10 000 mallards per year

  • Hunting types: from pontons, from boats, from shore, from bridge

  • Accommodation is arranged in near pensions by outfitter

  • Václav Havel Airport – 130 km

  • Brno Tuřany Airport – 270 km

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