Safari Dudín

Safari Dudín is located in Slovakia in the Danube Highlands, which is the central part of Slovakia.

As the name suggests, Dudín is a safari concept, not a classic game reserve. It is hunted in a fenced area of ​​500 hectares, but it is also possible to hunt outside this fenced part in the wild, which naturally follows the safari.

In the safari, the emphasis is on the experience of the entire stay of the hunting trip in a high standard. Not only the hunt itself, which is conducted at a professional level, but also the rest of the free time must be very pleasant for the hunter. The hotel is furnished in a beautiful hunting style. You can observe animals directly from the sauna, or bathe in a natural lake and look out for animals grazing in the evening, which is especially appreciated by hunters’ wives, who can indulge in wellness all weekend while their husband is out hunting.

A safari is a real wellness stay even for the hunter himself, where a lot of non-hunting activities are included, such as a visit to a nearby wine cellar, post-safari rides on a horse-drawn carriage, or trying local specialties and selected gourmet delicacies that simply belong to such a stay.

For example, all meat and game meat products are prepared by the providers themselves in their own kitchens. Game comes from local game caught from the area. Pastries are also prepared in the home oven.

This operating philosophy gradually complements the whole safari concept, which is in ecological mode. This means, for example, that the animals have completely natural conditions as in the wild.

Nitrian region, Slovakia

About the chase

Area: 500
Area: Highlands
Species: Miscellaneous (Fields/ forests)

Due to its location, Safari Dudín is set very low (around 250 m.a.s.l.), however, the landscape is part of the Danube Uplands, so the terrain is rather hilly. The entire area of ​​the safari is rather mixed and is divided into larger forest units that divide meadows and larger fields.

The distribution of the ratio of forests and meadows is about 250 hectares of forests and 250 hectares of meadows and fields. The forests are mainly oak, which thus ensure enough natural food for the animals present.

Since the safari is in ecological mode, it was necessary to come up with a way to effectively feed the game while following a lot of rules. For that reason, fields were sown with alfalfa-grass mixtures, which was consulted with the universities to achieve the desired effect. This was gradually achieved over almost 20 years.

Deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and black game are kept in the safari.

The game in the Dudín safari is healthy and in good condition, and several medal pieces of various game species are hunted every year.

The strongest mouflon caught is from 2017 and has 237.7 CIC. Mouflon over 210 to 220 points are caught quite a lot here. Indeed, these animals achieve respectable trophies here, and the environment really speaks for them.

Medal fallow deer are caught every year, when it is not a problem to catch a trophy fallow deer with around 190 to 200 CIC points.

Deer no longer reach such dimensions, as is the case with classic game. However, even so, the medalists achieving gold will be caught. The strongest deer taken had 237.5 CIC.

Thanks to its size, it is also possible to run hustings here, which tend to be very successful. A pheasant hunt can also be organized for those interested.

This is the Dudín safari.

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