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A medal fallow deer hunt in a game park Pravice in South Moravia

A medal fallow deer hunt in a game park Pravice is a pleasure for each hunter. As the game is very shy and vigilant, hunting in this game park isn´t easy at all. Thanks to two large fields, the game can see hunters at a long distance. Besides high seat hunting, it is also possible to opt for a more difficult but more successful way- game stalking. However, any game stalker’s mistake makes the game run away. Moreover, the area of 300 ha provides the game (about 100 pcs) enough space to move inside. Thanks to a rolling landscape and acacia wood, hunting in this game park reminds you of hunting in the open countryside.

max. 2 hunters

3 days


- 31.01.2025

Description of the hunt

The game park provides an accommodation with a lounge and a stylish wine cellar. The way to the game park is surrounded with small vineyards and wine cellars.

A rolling landscape with acacia wood divides the game park into two parts. Overall, the game park is lined with small wood and farmed large fields. In summer months, in fact, fallow deer mostly occur in these fields. After harvest in autumn months the game grazes in lucerne fields and stays near groves.

An ideal hunting time is 2 to 3 days during which the outfitter or the owner of the game park spends time with you. The accommodation is situated directly next to the game park in a newly reconstructed wine cellar. The rooms are for up to 5 people. The board is arranged during all the stay. Afterwards, the whole procedure of a successful hunt can be analysed in a wine cellar with the owner of the game park


Medal fallow deer hunt in a game park Pravice in South Moravia

The Price Includes:

  • Outfitter (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
  • Trophy
  • Hunting license
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transfer in the Game Park



  • Transfer from the airport
  • Meat from hunted game (option to buy)


The nearest airports:


Storno conditions- according to each outfitter´s business conditions

  • hunt cancellation  60 days till the term- back 70 % of apaid deposit
  • hunt cancellation  30 days till the term- back 50 % of apaid deposit
  • hunt cancellation  14 days till the term- back 30 % of apaid deposit
  • hunt cancellation  less 14 days till to term- no refund



  • Payment is always made according to real ultimate expenses
  • Outfittter is entitled to chargé extra fees, mentioned above
  • Final payment is to be made IN CASH before the departure


Hunting conditions in the Czech republicclick to learn more

  • Hunting licence issued in the Czech Republic, insurance, hunting permission, gun licence, European gun passport


The hunt comes under the outfitter´s business conditions and his/her instructions. In case these conditions and the outfitter´s instructions are broken, the hunt may be discontinued prematurely with no refund or with penalties to be reimbursed (illegal hunting to which the hunter is not entitled at all etc.) the hunt is subject to the Czech legislation.

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