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Fallow buck hunt in game reserve Radějov from 160 CIC

The medal-value fallow deer hunt in the Radějov nature reserve offers all hunters an extraordinary hunting experience in the largest private nature reserve in the Czech Republic with an area of ​​1,600 hectares. Hunters are allowed to hunt fallow deer in their natural environment, which have not lost their shyness and at the same time grow capital trophies. Danes are hunted with point values ​​of over 200+ CIC. To hunt fallow deer, hunters can take advantage of fishing on local bodies of water and fill the afternoon with beautiful fishing.

max. 4 hunters

4 days


- 31.01.2024

Description of the hunt

Fallow buck hunting in Radějov Resort is usually planned for 2-4 days of hunting stay. Fallow deer hunters have a high hunting success mostly on the first or second day of their hunting stay. Walks are planned mostly for morning and evening, and each walk lasts around 4 hours.

The hunters can use the rest of the day for themselves. A popular activity is, for example, fishing on the local water bodies, where hunters can catch carp, pike, zander and many other types of fish. Hunters can also grill these fish. Apart from hunting activities, there are countless available (sauna, wellness and others - just choose the type of accommodation).

Hunts are organized in the spirit of Czech hunting traditions. In the event of a successful hunt, the owner's fragment is handed over to the hunter, a fallow deer is passed on to the hunter, or the ceremonial blowing of the Hlahol's horn on the borlica, etc. Ceremonial blowing of the horn must be agreed in advance with the administrator.

Deer are hunted in the mountainous environment of the White Carpathians. Hunting during the doe rut leaves a deep experience in every hunter. The fallow estrus begins gradually after the deer estrus in early October and lasts until mid-November, depending on the weather.


Fallow buck hunt in game reserve Radějov from 160 CIC

Ideal date of hunt in rut: 1.10.-15.11.

Price include:

  • organization of hunt
  • trophy
  • hunting license


Price not include:

  • transfer from the airport
  • food
  • accommodation
  • guide: 22 euro morning or evening hunting
  • guide in holiday and weekends: 40 euro morning or evening hunting
  • gun rental per day- 28 euro
  • make a skin for preparation – 100 euro
  • processing of venison for own use 40 euro
  • bleaching of trophy: 100 euro
  • a car for 1 km: 0,8 euro
  • processing a hunting documents- Slovakia: 120 euro
  • processing a hunting documents- other countries: 200 euro
  • stalking a game with a hount after a hunting  to 500 metres 40 euro
  • stalking a game with a hount after a hunting  over 500 metres 80 euro


Possible payments:

  • illegal game hunt – 100 % to price of hunt trip
  • bad shot of fallow buck- 400 euro

Each hunting guest is obliged to pay the difference of 3% in price for fallow deer up to 160 CIC and 5% for fallow deer over 160 CIC


Accommodation of provider:


The nearest airports:


Payment conditions:

  • it is always valid after the end of the hunt according to the actual costs and after deducting the paid deposits

  • the provider reserves the right to charge special fees, which are listed above

  • payment must be made in full before departure- IN CASH


Conditions of hunt in the Czech Republic– click for more information

  • hunting license, european gun license (passport), hunting documents, invitation


The course of the hunt is governed by the terms and conditions of the provider and its instructions. Failure to comply with the provider’s instructions may lead to early termination of the hunt without refund or payment of penalties (unauthorized hunting of game that the hunter is not authorized to hunt, etc.). Hunting is subject to Czech legislation.

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