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Jackal hunt in Serbia

Free area Mostonga Bac
01. 10. 2023 - 31. 12. 2033


The hunting package for jackal and wild boar together with pheasant and mallard includes at least two hunting days.

A hunting stay begins with arrival at a pre-arranged location, where the hunter will be picked up by their guide.

1. hunting day

Hunters arrive in the afternoon, settle in, and hunt jackal/wild boar in the evening

2. hunting day

in the morning pheasants are hunted in the fields by plowing with hunting dogs (available), or duck hunting
afternoon to evening jackal hunting

3. hunting day

morning jackal or pheasant hunt

Jackals hunt for prey from a perch, where there may also be bait. An interesting method of hunting is luring the jackal, to which it responds well. Decoys are loaned to hunters free of charge by guides.

Wild boar hunting is good after dark, but also early in the morning.

Pheasants are hunted everywhere in the fields with the help of hunting dogs in the hunting method – by plowing. Hunting for mallards on water bodies is very attractive. They fish from cover or on the banks of the pond.

Accommodation is on a farm outside the city with home-cooked meals. The hunter is well taken care of during the entire stay.


Jackal hunt in Serbia, hunting area Bac

Legal date of hunt:

  • jackal – whole year
  • wild boar- whole year
  • pheasant- whole year
  • mallard (wild duck)- From 1st September- End of February)


Price include:

  • Jackal hunt- NO LIMITS
  • Wild boar hunt- 1 piglet/ one year old wild boar
  • borrowing of callers by jackal
  • hounds during hunt of pheasants and wild ducks
  • hunting documents
  • organisation of hunt
  • trophy
  • hunting license
  • interpreter
  • provider
  • food all-inclusive
  • accommodation 2 nights
  • prepare of trophy by bleaching
  • make a documents (hunting invitation, hunting license, etc.)


Price not-include:

  • Payment for transporting the weapon to Serbia  – 33 Euro. Payment on the borders
  • Gun rental- 15 Euro/ day
  • Shotgun ammo – Box/ 15 Euro
  • Rifle ammo- Free
  • Transfer from the Airport
  • Drinks
  • Harvested pheasant – 22 Euro
  • Harvested wild duck – 11 Euro
  • Flaying 20 Euro


Possible payments:

  • Next hunting day 130 Euro/ per hunter
  • Guest – 80 Euro/ per day
  • Finding shoted game by dog 50 Euro
  • Wild boar male- Price list
    • to 14,9 cm = 100,0 € + 0,0 euro /1 mm
      from 15,0 cm to 17,9 cm = 200,0 euro + 0,0 euro /1 mm
      from 18,0 cm to 19,9 cm = 300,0 euro + 10,0 euro /1 mm
      from 20,0 cm to 21,9 cm = 500,0 euro + 20,0 euro /1 mm
      from 22,0 cm to 23,9 cm = 900,0 euro + 25,0 euro /1 mm
      over 24,0 cm = 1.400,0 euro + 30,0 euro /1 mm


Accommodation by outfitter:

  • on a farmm (gallerry)


The nearest airports:


Storno conditions- governed by the terms and conditions of the given provider:

  • The deposit is 30% of the price of the hunt, which must be paid 30 days before the hunting stay
  • Cancellation of the hunting stay less than 14 days before the hunting date, the deposit is not returned


Payment conditions:

  • Payment for hunting at the end of the hunting stay – IN CASH


Condition of hunting in Serbia:

  • Serbia hunting license, insurance, EU gun passport, hunting documents


The course of the hunt is governed by the terms and conditions of the provider and its instructions. Failure to comply with the provider’s instructions may lead to early termination of the hunt without refund or payment of penalties (unauthorized hunting of game that the hunter is not authorized to hunt, etc.). Hunting is subject to Serbian legislation.

Free area Mostonga Bac
Serbia, Vojvodina
Price from:
12,000.00 €

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