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Private pheasant driven hunt – January 2024

A historical pheasantry offers pheasant hunts which flies very high and quickly. The terrain of the pheasantry is really varied for pleasure of hunters. Regular number of pheasants shot is from a single hunt pange from 500 pieces up to 2 000 pieces per day. At an individual request, it is possible to prepare a hunt with a higher number of shot pheasants . So far, the pheasantry has held a record of 5 414 shot pieces of pheasants per day. The groups are for 6 up to 20 hunters.   The whole hunt takes place according to Czech gamekeeper´s traditions (hunting bugler, festive outdoor show, etc.).

max. 20 hunters

2 days


- 31.01.2024

Description of the hunt

The hunting package is for groups of 6 up to 20 hunters. The price includes 500 hunted pheasants. This is a minimal amount of pieces per day. For an extra charge, it is also possible to hunt a higher amount of pheasants. The amount of pheasants is always paid for. Each hunter has his assistant who counts the number of pieces. Besides a pheasant, hunters can also hunt a partridge.

Choose a term and fix it with the outfitter.

The hunt starts with a festive arrival accompanied with hunting fanfares. Hunters at first listen to the instructions. Then, they are divided into particular hunts. The whole hunt in fact consists of individual parts according to hunters ‘requests. The hunt is ended up with a festive finish of driven hunt with hunting fanfares and hunters continue in a hunting lodge. There is an accolade for the best hunter or traditional hunter´s  entertainment.

Accommodation can be arranged in luxurious hotels with individual transport (Buly arena Kravaře, Hotel Imperial, castle Zábřeh, hotel Belaria or hotel Katerain).



The Price Includes:

  • Hunting license
  • Hunting quest (1 quest to 1 hunter)
  • 80 shot pieces of pheasant/ partridge
  • Non- alcoholic drinks
  • Food (breakfast, snack, lunch)



  • Mandatory assistant – 40 Euro/ hunter
  • Processing of documents – 30 Euro/ hunter
  • Accommodation- can be arranged in contractual accommodation facilities upon agreement
  • Transfer from the airport- can be arranged
  • Transfer from accommodation- can be arranged
  • every shot pheasant/ partridge over 80 pieces – 29,13 Euro shot of piece
  • Food for more than 5 hunting quests- 30 Euro/ quest
  • Purchase of ammunition
  • Venison


Option own reservation accommodation by Booking.com:

The nearest airports:


Storno conditions- according to each outfitter´s business conditions

  • 30% deposit payment in advance- no refund
    • You can change of date
    • you can change for other hunter, etc.



  • Payment is always made according to real ultimate expenses
  • Outfittter is entitled to chargé extra fees, mentioned above
  • Final payment is to be made IN CASH before the departure


Hunting conditions in the Czech republicclick to learn more

  • Hunting licence issued in the Czech Republic, insurance, hunting permission, gun licence, European gun passport
  • In the case of a request to process documents, together with the reservation, send a copy of your hunting license in your country, a copy of your passport or another document with personal data for processing a hunting license and insurance in the Czech Republic
    • Full name
    • Birthdate
    • Permanen residence
    • Identity card number


The hunt comes under the outfitter´s business conditions and his/her instructions. In case these conditions and the outfitter´s instructions are broken, the hunt may be discontinued prematurely with no refund or with penalties to be reimbursed (illegal hunting to which the hunter is not entitled at all etc.) the hunt is subject to the Czech legislation.

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