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Red stag hunt in Jeseníky v České republice 2024

Red stag hunt for a fee in the foothills of Nízký Jeseník is offered in the Janovská Dolina game reserve, which has an area of ​​370 hectares in a beautiful mountain environment. Hunting is not easy and it takes a lot of effort for the hunter to get to hunt a capital deer that can have more than 250 CIC. It is for these reasons that there is no difference between hunting in the forest and in the wild. Beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and mosaic-like nature in the park offer this to hunters. Here, mountain meadows alternate with forests, which are interwoven with countless borders of planted deciduous and fruit trees.

max. 3 hunters

5 days


- 15.01.2025

Description of the hunt

Red stag hunt in the Janovská Dolina nature reserve is a challenging but beautiful hunting experience. According to the experience of an expert, at least 3 to 5 days are needed for a successful hunt, when hunters hunt 80% from pulpits and 20% crawl. This ratio is given to the nature of the complex terrain of the field, when the game sees the hunter before he registers it.

They hunt in the morning and in the evening. During the deer rut, which lasts here from mid-September to mid-October, there is the best chance of catching capital deer exceeding even 250 CIC. Outside of rut, some deer are almost impossible to spot. They return to the cover of the thickets and only come out after dark.

It is possible to hunt black game in the reserve. There is a stable roe deer population in the reserve. At the same time, hunters can observe the rare milu deer or white-tailed deer.

During the day, hunters can spend time fishing in the pond next to the hunting lodges. Hunters can catch pike, carp, tench and other fish, which they can then grill.

The trophy price is based on the weight of the antlers with the skull without the lower jaw after boiling. CIC scoring is for reference only.



Red stag hunt in mountains Nízký Jeseník- the Czech Republic 2024

Price include:

  • Hunting day- 24 euro
  • Organisation of hunt
  • Bleaching a trophy
  • Hunting guide
  • Transfer in the game reserve


Price not-include:

  • Accommodation – 26 euro per hunter/ night
  • Food
  • The venison- you can buy it


Possible surcharge

  • Fishing 12 euro hunter/ day. In price are 2 fishes for food


Recalculation of CIC to kg

  • To 7 kg                           about 175 CIC (bronze)
  • To 8 kg                          about 190 CIC (silver)
  • To 9 kg                          about 210 CIC (gold)
  • To 11 kg                          about 220 CIC
  • Over 14 kg                      about 250 CIC

These data are purles indicative

The weight of the antlers is including the skull without the lower jaw


The nearest airports:



  • Payment of deposit- 1 600 euro to 30 days to date of hunt trip


Storno conditions- governed by the terms and conditions of the given provider:

  • Cancel the hunt trip to 30 days of hunt- Back 60 % from deposit payment


Payment conditions:

  • It is always paid after the end of the hunt according to the actual costs and after deducting the FULL deposit paid

  • The provider reserves the right to charge special fees, which are listed above

  • Payment must be made in full before departure


Hunting conditions in the Czech Republic – for more information cklick on a link

  • czech hunting license, hunting documents, insurance, european gun passport


The course of the hunt is governed by the terms and conditions of the provider and its instructions. Failure to comply with the provider’s instructions may lead to early termination of the hunt without refund or payment of penalties (unauthorized hunting of game that the hunter is not authorized to hunt, etc.). Hunting is subject to Czech legislation.

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