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Wild Turkey Hunt Trip in the Czech republic 2024

Fee hunting of wild turkey in the stream is organized in the free hunting area Kakov in the Pilsen area in the Czech Republic. This is a unique turkey hunting offer. The wild turkey impresses every hunter with its black to metallic color and its size of up to 120 cm and 10 kg. This is the largest representative of game birds in the Czech Republic. It originates from the American continent. Wild turkey hunting in the stream is free. Turkey can be hunted individually or in groups in the form of waiting or scrambling. During the flow, the turkeys sound, they can be lured in different ways, and hunters can thus enjoy an unusual experience at an affordable price.

max. 6 hunters

2 days


- 15.04.2024

Description of the hunt

Fee hunting of wild turkeys in the stream takes place from mid-March to mid-April, when the male wild turkey is hunted. The very beginning of the hunt is mainly about organizational matters, when the documents for the hunt, the method of hunting and other formalities are taken care of.

Wild turkey hunting in the creek is done at dawn on a morning walk or on an afternoon walk approximately 2-3 hours before dark. All-day love can also be a matter of course.

There are five hunting methods for hunters to use when hunting turkeys. Of course, these methods can be combined to make it successful and make love the best possible experience.

Thanks to the hunting guide's many years of experience, the turkey hunting experience is always an unforgettable one.

The first of them is waiting, when the hunter sits on a perch in the so-called waiting rooms after dawn or in the early evening. Such waiting areas are generally located in the expected appearance of the turkey. This method of hunting is very popular.

Another possible method is shuffling, which already requires careful movement after the hunt and searching for the turkey according to signs of residence (droppings, burrows, etc.). Thanks to this, the hunter tries to get closer to the turkey flock and successfully hunt the turkey.

The last three methods of hunting are lure types. The first and most common method is active baiting with a decoy that emits turkey sounds.

A very interesting and effective turkey lure is the rubbing of the turkey's wings against the ground. The sounds made attract other turkeys, who think that there is turkey juice nearby. So the turkey goes straight for the sound to drive the rival from its territory.

Using balabans to attract a turkey works very well and is often used as a decoy. It is an imitation of a turkey. The balabans are set up in the "waiting area" and curious turkeys go to see these balabans. Thanks to this, the hunter can safely get to know and hunt his turkey.

Accommodation is provided in nearby guesthouses and every comfort of the hunter is taken care of.

If the hunter is successful, the preparation of the trophy turkey can be arranged by arrangement. From the turkey, hunters can have different types of trophies: tail, head, chest brushes and wings.

The wild turkey can be hunted either with a shotgun (above 5mm shot), or hunting with a small-caliber ball gun (243 Win., 5.6x57, 5.6x50 Mag., 223 Rem., 222 Rem., 22 Hornet) is very popular. A 22LR with better ammo (CCI Stinger 22LR or Velocitor 22LR) can also be used.


Wild Turkey Hunt Trip in the Czech republic 2024

Price include:

  • 1 Hunting day (Morning and Evening Hunt/ Day)
  • Organisation of Hunt Trip
  • Treatment of Trophy
  • Hunting Guide (Outfitter)


Price NOT-include:

  • Accommodation (all-inclusive)- 104 Euro/ Day/ Hunter
  • Other Hunting Day – 100 Euro (Morning Hunt, Evening Hunt, Guide, Transport)
  • Food with Alcoholic Drinks
  • Gutting a Turkey – 15 Euro
  • Gun Rental – 42 Euro
  • Rifle Ammo – 1,7 Euro/ pcs
  • Accommodation a Dog – 10,4 Euro
  • Venison


Additional Charges Possible:

  • Price for each additional turkey with breastbrush to 7 cm for 271 euro
  • Price for each additional turkey with breastbrush over 7 cm for 404 euro


The Nearest Airport:


Cancellation conditions – governed by the terms and conditions of the given provider:

  • Cancelled hunt to 60 days to term- back 70 % from payed of deposit
  • Cancelled hunt to 30 days to term- back 50 % from payed of deposit
  • Cancelled hunt to 14 days to term- back 30 % from payed of deposit
  • Cancelled hunt under 14 days to term- no refund


Hunting payment terms:

  • It is always paid after the end of the hunt according to the actual costs and after deducting the deposit paid
  • The provider reserves the right to charge special fees, which are listed above
  • Payment must be made in full before departure


Podmínky lovu v České republice– více informací naleznete na odkazu

  • Czech hunting license, hunting insurance, hunting permit, firearms license
  • In the case of a request to process documents, together with the reservation, send a copy of your hunting license in your country, a copy of your passport or another document with personal data for processing a hunting license and insurance in the Czech Republic
    • First Name and Second Name:
    • Birth Date
    • Permanent Residence
    • Identity Card or Passport Number


The course of the hunt is governed by the terms and conditions of the provider and its instructions. Failure to comply with the provider’s instructions may lead to early termination of the hunt without refund or payment of penalties (unauthorized hunting of game that the hunter is not authorized to hunt, etc.). Hunting is subject to Czech legislation.

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